Prophetic Word from Rob Feeney

By February 8, 2016News

As I asked the Lord, firstly I received a prophetic acronym for the word ‘Overflow’

  • Ovatious

    You will not find this word in Websters dictionary, but it is in the ‘urban’ dictionary. It’s a term that came to me, and when I looked it up it means: gutsy, bodacious and/or ballsy. It’s a word often used for girls in stead of ballsy. However the sense I got was that courageous, outstanding, gutsy, brave, risky, out there kind of feeling, attitude.

  • Victorious

    There is a real sense of victory over your church – you flow from victory, you are not fighting for victory

  • Energising / Enabling
  • Releasing
  • Faith
  • Love
  • Obedience

    This is the word I got, and then I tried to think of another word, but then felt, no this is the word the spirit gave me, there is something about obedience that’s part of discipleship and there’s a flow on effect from faith – Love – Obedience – Willingness (the last word)

  • Willingness

    People choose to flow, it’s part of their will, there’s a willingness Overflow creates

Hope that makes sense. The words I didn’t describe I think are self explanatory but if you need more explanation feel free to call me

I also received these verses:

  • Romans 15:13
  • Ezekiel 47:1-12

    The effect of the flow of the river is life giving and the flow of the river gets deeper the further it goes

  • Psalm 23:5

    My cup overflows

Hope these are helpful and sync with other words you are receiving as well. Hope the day goes brilliantly and I look forward to seeing the Overflow which happens in Medowie and beyond. Standing and partnering with you, give my love to all


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